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Film, TV and Videogame Soundtrack Production

We provide commercial standard soundtracks for use in TV Programs, Film and Videogames, including short and feature length films, animations and documentaries. Our credits include major productions for the ABC, full list here.

Film, TV and Game Soundtrack Production requires individual assessment of requirements, preferences, resources and so on. The process involves a number of steps listed here.
8mm Reel - Film Soundtrack Production
We also offer professional post-production services for existing audio, such as that recorded on location, including noise removal, mastering and frame-accurate synchronisation.

To discuss your Film or TV Project, please contact us here.

Other Services for Film:
- Voiceover Recording
- Mobile Recording
- Album Recording
- Mastering
- Synchronisation
- Room Hire


Radio Advertisement (Jingle) Production Packages

Basic JingleStandard JingleDeluxe Jingle *Extra Edits and Re-Writes charged at $55 per hour. What is an edit or a re-write?

All package prices include performance costs and a Local Licence which permits the use of the soundtrack(s) within one chosen region (eg. South-East Queensland) for a period of 6 months. If you wish to broadcast the soundtrack in more than one region, nationally or internationally, the following Additional Licence fees will apply:

Additional Licenses

Local State National Global
$ 849 $ 2399 $ 4995 per country $ 12495

All Licences are valid for a period of 3 months. Duration of a licence can be extended until one month before the licence expires unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Jingles may be purchased permanently from Custom Compositions: contact us for information.

Please see our Portfolio page for samples of past work.



On-Hold Music

We offer professionally produced and styled On-Hold Music for your business. No more will your customers hang-up after listening to a distorted radio or yet another rendition of Mobile Phone - On-Hold Music ProductionGreensleeves. Our original compositions will entertain your customers while they wait, meaning less hang-ups and improved satisfaction.

While providing a soothing alternative to outdated music, our compositions will provide a perfect backing for you to inform your customers of new and special offers or familiarise them with some lesser known services you may offer. In conjunction with our Voiceover Recording, we can offer you a full On-Hold Promotion Package.

Contact us today for details.



Backing Tracks

We offer professionally produced Backing Tracks, ready for performance or release. Our experienced Producers will take you through the processes required to complete your commercial quality music. We have many sampled instruments and synthesisers as well as a long list of session musicians available including backup singers. This means practically any style of music can be created, such as popular choices Trance, Punk, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

Once complete, we can arrange an unlimited license for you to broadcast and perform your tracks. Backing Track Packages start at  just $199, contact us for details!




Mixing BoardIs your mix sounding quiet? Distant? Unclear?

Bring your multi-track recordings in for professional mixing and balancing in our state-of-the-art digital control room. Our expert engineers are well experienced in bringing the best out of any recording.

Mixing is charged at just $55 per hour. The first track will require between 1 and 2 hours while extra tracks will require around 1 hour, due to certain conventions set down during the mix of the first track which save time on the others. For an estimate of the total cost to mix your tracks, please contact us with the details. 




Want your music to sound polished and professional? Without proper mastering, it’s unlikely your audio will stand up against commercially produced audio.

Custom Compositions can make your sound stand out from the rest. We correct phase issues, warm and balance the bass end, ensure optimal stereo Dynaudio - Mastering
imaging, sense of space and transient response in the rest of the spectrum. We then maximize overall loudness for any media, digital or analogue, using our state-of-the-art digital control room. These processes will be performed by a seasoned mastering engineer who specialises in mastering the style of music your audio is in.

Whether it’s rock, jazz, hip hop, electronica, even spoken word, we have a mastering engineer with the specific skills and experience.

We prefer multi-tracked audio but also accept stereo mixes for mastering. Please contact us with the details and we’ll provide an estimate of the cost.




Film Negative - SynchronisationIt may not always be obvious when a soundtrack isn’t synchronised precisely, but the impact from intended hit-points will be diminished considerably.

To ensure your project doesn’t suffer from bad timing, Custom Compositions offers frame-accurate synchronisation of audio to video and vice versa. Whether you have a soundtrack and want it cut to the beat, or you have a movie you want edited to fit a fixed audio track, we provide broadcast quality synchronisation and editing.

We use advanced techniques such as micro tempo-shifts and loop editing to provide the greatest flexibility for your needs. Please contact us with the details and we’ll provide an estimate of the cost.


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