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iOS and Android Video Game "Soccer Punk"
Sound Design and Music Composition by
Custom Compositions

Becks Beer Online Advertisement

Music Composition by
Custom Compositions

Full Credit List:

M U S I C P R O D U C T I O N – C O M P O S I T I O N – S O U N D D E S I G N

Year_Program / Project_Production Company_Format_Role

2013 Taking Hostages EP Go Van Go CD Bass Guitar

2013 L.O.V.E. (Shola Remix) Shola CD Remixer

2012 Soccer Punk AppCom Interactive GmbH Videogame Composer

2012 Another Day ft Anise Shola and Sam Laxton CD Composer

2012 QUT News QUT TV Post Prod.

2012 The 7:30 Report ABC TV Sound Designer

2012 Fleur De Lise QUT – Griffith FTV Film Recordist + Post

2012 Carly Dickenson EP Carly Dickenson CD Composer

2012 Xplodes When Played MWM Recordings CD Composer / Prod

2012 L.O.V.E. Michelle Xen CD Post-Producer

2012 Silver Bullet Michelle Xen CD Post-Producer

2012 Richard Bell Showreel Richard Bell Showreel Composer

2011 AFL Live Broadcasts ABC TV Audio Engineer

2011 612 Brisbane OBs ABC Radio Post Prod.

2011 Amour Robotic Space Pyrates Animation Music Sup. + Post

2011 Grav-T Pocketbike Productions Videogame Composer

2011 Sensation – Shola Traxacid Records CD Composer

2011 Glimmer Remixed Edge of Colour CD Sound Des. + Post

2011 Rekord.tv Rekord.tv Podcast Composer

2011 TCS The Complete Showcase Podcast Composer

2010 Pocketbike Pocketbike Productions Videogame Composer

2010 Back and Forth Fedde Le Grand CD Sound Designer

2010 Life Video Life Video Productions Podcast Sound Designer

2010 Promo Animation Radiant Press Publishing Animation Composer

2010 World Music Show Startled Bunny Podcast Composer

2010 In Flame Show In Flame Casting Podcast Composer

2010 The Sufferfest Sufferfest Podcast Composer

2009 Various Events Big Sound Live FOH Mixer

2009 I Hear Motion Shola CD Remixer

2009 Break 9 Shola CD Composer

2009 Episode 631 Dalecast Podcast Composer

2009 WMR Showcase WMR Video Podcast Composer

2009 Theotokos Podcsat Theotokos Podcast Composer

2008 The 7:30 Report ABC TV Sound Designer

2008 Connect 4 4C Arts Collective Live FOH Mixer

2008 Bite Size Bonus GD Podcast Composer

2008 Ma Sheen LP Ma Sheen CD Composer

2007 ABC News Qld ABC TV Sound Designer

2006 Corporate Videos Indigo Group Promo Ads Composer

2006 Revolve Cremorne Theatre Play Sound Designer

2005 Caraki LP Caraki CD Composer

2005 TV Advertisements Red Nose Day TV Ads Composer

2005 Audio Installations Riverfire Festival Installation Sound Designer

Sample of Ready-Made Sync Music:

Name and Description
Track Links

'The Final Test' (excerpt)
Orchestral instruments with drum kit at a fast tempo.
Would make a great film or advertisement soundtrack.

Orchestral/ Electronica 01:40 The Final Test (mp3)
'Electro Rain'
A relaxed electro/hip-hop track featuring synthesised instruments.



'Love Theme'
A demonstration of what can be achieved with sampled instruments.

Featuring sampled instruments, this beautiful Baroque piece
could add a classic touch to your special event or project.
Orchestral 02:22 Sarabande (mp3)
'The Life'
A catchy jazz track featuring sampled instruments.
'Warped Groove'
A serious groove track featuring synthesised
'Loctor's Indemnation' (excerpt)
Powerful, romantic piece in the style of Mozart's Requiem, featuring orchestra and large choir. Perfect for a film soundtrack.
Orchestral 02:20 Loctor's Indemnation (mp3)
'River' (excerpt)
A beautiful, romantic piece featuring Harp, Flute and Oboe with strings.
Orchestral 03:48 River (mp3)
'Main Theme' (excerpt)
Powerful, cinematic piece featuring a full string orchestra, trumpet, tubular bells and orchestral percussion.
Orchestral 03:02 Main Theme (mp3)
'Chasing The Medieval Flute' (excerpt)
Beautiful baroque piece featuring harpsichord, strings, classical guitar and panflutes.
Orchestral 01:21 Chasing The Medieval Flute (mp3)

'Sinister Catacomb'
An intense breakbeat track featuring a mix of synthesised and sampled instruments.

'The Journey' (excerpt)
An uplifting electro track featuring synthesised instruments.
Perfect video-game music.
Electro 01:38 The Journey (mp3)
'Fugue' (excerpt)
A baroque style instrumental piece using syntheised instruments. Features two guitars, piano and bass.
Orchestral 02:18 Fugue (mp3)
'The Musicians Play'
An up tempo baroque style instrumental work using sampled instruments. Features flute, clarinet, english horn and harpsichord.
Orchestral 01:33 The Musicians Play (mp3)
'Cammy's Theme' (excerpt)
A beautiful, romantic-classical piece featuring a grand piano accompanied by a full string quartet. Perfect for a wedding.
Orchestral 01:32 Cammy's Theme (mp3)
'I'll Be Waiting'
A romantic classical piece featuring piano, violins,
flutes, solo oboe, cello and double bass. Perfect for a wedding.
Orchestral 03:54 I'll Be Waiting (mp3)
'A Beautiful Mystery'
Slow and beautiful soundtrack perfect for film or a solemn occasion.
Orchestral 02:23 A Beautiful Mystery (mp3)

Soft and beautiful ambient piece, particularly suited to a film or advertisement soundtrack.

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