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Original Wedding Music

Ever thought of comissioning an original music composition for your wedding?

We can create an original piece of music composed exclusively for your special day. The Composition will be created to your specifications with regards to style, speed, length and so on. If your not sure what music would suit, you can inform one of our professional Composers of the setting, style and schedule of your wedding and we can suggest a suitable aesthetic for your music. You'll receive your music in recorded format and as a notated score for live performance. The composition will remain yours forever to play to friends and family, have performed and keep as a unique memento of your special day. Please contact us here for further details and current prices.

We can also arrange for one of our ensembles to perform your music, be it a string quartet or trio, a guitar ensemble, a barbershop quartet, a choir or soloist. If you'd like a different ensemble to perform, please contact us with the details of your preferred ensemble and we'll source the necessary performers. We can also provide recorded copies of your music for each guest in themed packages.

Examples of past work (requires flash):
River (mp3)
I'll Be Waiting (mp3)
Chasing The Medieval Flute (mp3)
The Musicians Play (mp3)
Fugue (mp3)

Samples of CD Packaging for guests can viewed here.

A brochure on our Wedding Composition services is available here.



Original Birthday Composition

Need a unique and timeless gift for a special birthday present? Consider an original musical Composition, a gift that can be revisited time and time again and kept as a treasured memento forever.

You will receive the Composition as a professional recording and as a notated score for live performance, and accompanied by a certificate declaring the Composition to be the property of the recipient for non-commercial use (ie the composition may not be resold.) We also arrange for one of our ensembles to perform the music on the day.

Original Birthday Composition is conducted and priced based on your specific preferences and requirements. We can accomodate any budget - please contact us here for further information and a free quote.



Original Funeral Composition

Please contact us for details.



Composition Commissioned for an Event or Festival
Fireworks - Special Event Music
We can provide perfectly suited, original music for events and festivals. We assess the nature of the event or festival, the key hit-points and inteneded moods, and we create a perfectly-suited soundtrack complimentary to the event or festival and incorporating all requirements and preferences. If you've never commissioned original music, our expert composers and producers are available to walk you through the process.

An outline of the process is detailed here.

For further details and a no obligation quote click here (please specify the type of event or festival and the style, length and tempo of the required Composition to obtain a quote).



Composition for a Promotion

Your promotion needs to stand out from the countless others. What's more, your promotion needs to stand out for the right reasons and assure your audience of your professionalism, reliability and commitment to quality. We can provide your promotion with a professional edge over your competitors with an innovative and ideally-suited soundtrack, deisgned to maximize impact and exposure whilst incorporating particular requirements and preferences.

For further details and a no obligation quote click here (please specify the type of promotion and the style, length and tempo of the required Composition to obtain a quote).




Have the players but no tunes? Your producer can mix but has no ideas?

We offer professional Songwriting for performance by you, your band or ensemble, for production and subsequent release, or even for that special someone. You choose the style, length and tempo and we'll provide an original and innovative composition with full lyrics that you can call yours forever.

For further details and a no obligation quote click here (please specify
style, length and tempo to obtain a quote).

For Produced Songwriting, please see Backing Tracks.


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